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Cold Stamping Die Design And Manufacturing Process

1.0 Purpose
    Standard mold manufacturing, make the mold can try mold on time, shorten the mold delivery time, improve the company's efficiency.

2.0 Application
Applicable to all molds designed and manufactured by the company.

3.0 General
Before the mold design, the "Mold Design, Manufacturing, and Delivery Schedule" should be given. The schedules of the three major stages of the mold drawing design, mold manufacturing (line cutting/heat treatment, fine grinding, etc.) and mold assembly/testing need to be listed in detail.  And the supplier organizes the technical review meeting; the document needs to list the mold assembly in detail and the time for the first tryout.
After the supplier has completed the <<process diagram>> and <<planning diagram>> in the drawing design, the designer needs to submit the above information to the responsible person of Kangding. The responsible person of Kangding passed the internal review after receiving the above-mentioned relevant information. Then conduct bilateral communication review with suppliers. Then conduct a bilateral communication review with the supplier to confirm the mold design program. the life of the mold design is guaranteed to be 1 million times.
Kang Ding drawing as an important basis for acceptance, need to ensure that all mold components and drawings, or it rejects processing in accordance with. After the mold is delivered, Kangding will carry out the actual measurement of the mold parts according to the drawings. If it is found that the design and manufacturing are not in conformity, it will not be accepted. After product acceptance, retain the final acceptance of the workpiece and full-size report as a reference sample. After the completion of the mold change, ensure that the product quality is consistent with the sample stability. The size of the mold is not less than the budget size of the mold at the time of quotation. For example, the number of molds for the engineering mold must be the same as the number of the process that was quoted at the time of quotation.
The mold size is not less than the budget size of the mold at the time of quotation. If the mold is the engineering model, number of processes must be consistent with the Number of processes quoted at the time of quotation.

4.0 Implementation Regulations
The first stage: mold design
Design drawings
A. Process flow chart
1. In the process flow chart, the contents of each station must be listed in detail, and the work contents should be distinguished by different colors. OP10, OP20, OP30, etc. are Sequence number of work position, and the color corresponds to station.
2. All punching, in principle, need to be in the same station, once stamping molding, easy to ensure location requirements. The dimensions of all holes are marked with tolerances.

B. General structure
The assembly drawing must include all the assembly relationships, as well as the upper and lower mold views, which clearly reflect the design structure of the complete mold. There is a detailed list of parts in the assembly drawing. Drawings need to include all component dimensions. The overall plan will serve as an important basis for the final budget (quotation).

C. Design calculation specification
1. Kangding will provide the corresponding parameters of the punch to the designer.
2. The supplier needs to perform process calculations, The design specification must include calculation data such as punching force. After ensuring that the mold structure is arranged, the load is evenly distributed and the theoretical center of gravity is located at the center of the entire mold to ensure the mold design life.
3. In calculating the mold structure, the center of gravity must be considered.
The center of gravity of the entire assembly mold is guaranteed at the center of the mounting plate, otherwise weighting is required.
4. The supplier must provide design calculation parameters as a basis for the design life of the mold.
5. The tact time of the mold process is within 3s of the continuous mold, within 5s of the engineering mold, and the design life is guaranteed to be 1 million times. Special products such as suppliers can not guarantee this requirement, they can apply according to the actual situation.

D. Parts diagram
1. The names and numbers of all parts and components drawings must be consistent with the general drawing. Also specify the heat treatment process, hardness and material.
2. All components must be designed to facilitate the installation and disassembly of mold repair personnel. Should be avoided for the replacement of punch too many cases of disassembly.
  3. The consistency of materials, heat treatment process and hardness and drawings must be ensured in the manufacturing process. If there is any discrepancy between the actual object and the drawing, it will be treated as scrapped product. All losses caused by this are the responsibility of the supplier.

Mold structure requirements
A, waste cleaning work requirements
1. There is enough blanking space to ensure that the waste is easy to clean.
2. The waste is easy to leak in the lower mold, no blocking, non hopping material.
B, purchased parts requirements
1. The guide posts and guide bushes use steel ball type independent guide post assemblies (steel ball bushings) or self-lubricating self-lubricating guide bush assemblies (self-lubricating guide bushes). The specification of the guide pillar guide sleeve must be given clearly in the mold program to ensure its strength;
2. The list of all purchased parts must be completed after the mold design is completed. Submit a list of purchased parts and specify the specifications, requirements, quantities, and suppliers of the purchased parts.
3.Special purchased parts suppliers must be approved by Kangding to purchase, such as nitrogen springs, pneumatic devices, ball clips, etc.
D, mold body requirements
1. When the mold is delivered, it must be ensured that there are equal height blocks for each limit post to facilitate mold lifting. And to prevent the mold from being transported, some of the punches that engage with the die are damaged.
2. The mold body requires a firm structure to prevent the mold from being too light and thin (such as the thin stripper plate) and cause the life defect during operation. The stress concentration of the material must be considered in the processing of all inserts (inlets) and no sharp corners are allowed.
3. All large parts of the mold need to consider lifting screw holes to facilitate the maintenance of the mold.
4. The mold must be designed with error proofing.
5. The entire set of mold drawings must indicate the total weight.
6. The mold must be designed with automatic unloading nail (spring + top material pin) to prevent the workpiece from sticking.
7. The mold is based on the principles of easy-to-keep operation personnel (operating habits), easy maintenance, and safety.
8. In principle, the thickness of all plates (discharge plates, backing plates, etc.) of the mould shall not be less than 35mm.
9. The total assembly height must not exceed the upper limit of the mold slider adjustment.
10, the upper and lower mold plate material are selected for 45 # steel. If the die closing height is too high, affecting the die-casting operation, consider the upper and lower die sets to make the sink groove.

E, punching die design must take into account the edge of the mold insert structure, The mold insert needs to be processed to a standard size and, when the mold is delivered, provide drawings of spare parts and physical objects.
F. All shaping blocks with shaping function have independent adjustment function. Ensure that there is a sufficient fit clearance between all shaping blocks and consider lifting threaded holes.Easy and convenient operator adjustment of ring height.

G,formed punch requirements
1. The diameter of the formed punch In principle, the priority sequence must be selected such as: D = 5n (n is a natural number from 1). The diameter of all formed punches shall not be less than 10mm in principle as shown in the figure:formed punch requirements
2. All formed punch must purchase famous brands such as import or joint ventures. And provide list and supplier information.
3. All the formed punch installation positions are designed with quick change structure. To facilitate the quick installation and disassembly of the die frame on the punch press. Diameter is D=5n

H, batch number code and letter punch requirements
1. The batch number code must strictly follow the product drawing requirements of Kangding project. And the guarantee date is replaced quickly and effectively. Spare parts need to consider three sets.
2. The letters are written in the depth direction of the letters and need to be in the taper form.
Mold appearance requirements
1. All non-working surfaces of the mold are sprayed with rust-proof lacquer and color paint. The color of the paint is sky blue.

Mold spare parts requirements
A, spare parts list
1. All wearing parts must be equipped with a set of spare parts, together with spare parts list.
2. The list of spare parts should include all the wearing parts, and the corresponding price shall be used as the purchase basis for follow-up spare parts of Kangding. Where items outside the list are not subject to special damage, need to ensure the entire life cycle.(Kangding provides the customer with the contract termination date for this product).
3. All punches (5PCS), mold inserts (3 sets) and letter punch (3 sets), nitrogen gas spring (3PCS), other (2PCS) in spare parts list.

The second stage: Mold Manufacturing
     After confirmation of the mold plan, the supplier must strictly follow the confirmed plan and shall not change the plan without authorization. If necessary, it must be approved by Kangding. The progress of the mold manufacturing must be strictly implemented according to the schedule, and the progress status is updated to Kangding every week.

The third stage: mold test
A: Execution of test mode
1. After the mold is completed, the supplier shall notify the responsible person of Kangding Mould Company 3 days in advance. Kangding company will send professional staff to the site to jointly inspect the mold. See if it is producing according to the requirements of the drawings.
2. After inspection of the qualified molds, the supplier shall arrange the relevant professionals to mold, Kangding Mould Company professionals will go to the scene to verify. Kangding Mould Company only provides raw materials.
3. Before the trial mode, it is required to open and close the mold several times. Check mold clamping is normal, when all inspections are completed, Must be washed with mold water to clean the surface of the mold before production.
4. You should pay attention to the following during the test mode:
a. Mold aspect: Whether mold clamping is normal, top material, and material removal are smooth.
b. Product aspects: 1. Inspection of product appearance,  2. Inspection of product dimensions
    B: Verification of test mode
   For the following personnel in the new model test mode, the relevant personnel of the two parties must perform the verification at the test site.
The verification mainly includes:
a: The stability of the mold during production.
b: The employee's convenience during operation.
 When the test mode is completed, the designer needs to make a "Product Inspection Report" and a sample (5 pieces).
C: Change of test mode
1: According to the test situation and the "Product Inspection Report", the designer submits the data of the modified model to the responsible person of Kangding Company's project.
2: After the modification, the verification of the mold is performed according to the verification of the test mode.

The four stage : Product Confirmation
The person in charge of the project department will also submit the "Product Test Report" to the customer for confirmation. (Specific ways according to customer requirements).

Stage 5: Transfer of molds and materials
1: Handover of data
After Kangding confirms that the product is qualified, the designing party shall transfer the information of the designed mold to the person in charge of the project of Kangding Mould Co., Ltd. The figure data includes the following:
"Product map" "process diagram" "layout plan" "layout plan" "template file" "Mould insert drawing" "mold material list" "parts procurement list" "product test report" model (5)
2: Die transfer
a: a nameplate, in accordance with the requirements provided by Kangding mould company, engrave markings on the mold.
b: The nameplate must be guaranteed to face the operator, ie (mold front).
c:According to the "assembly drawing" acceptance dimensions.
d: There are no cracks or bumps in the inserts inside the mold.
e: All non-working surface of the mold, spray anti-rust paint and color paint, color paint use sky blue.

The sixth stage: trial production acceptance
1: After the supplier has transferred the above information to relevant personnel of Kangding mould, Relevant professionals should be dispatched to Kangding in time for on-site trials. (Kangding supplies materials, equipment and related auxiliary tools).
2: After the sample is punched, the quality personnel of Kangding Mould Co., Ltd. shall make "Product Inspection Report" and (PPK ≥ 1.67, CPK ≥ 1.33). The personnel of Kangding Engineering and Quality shall conduct the control based on the controlled 2D drawings and 3D drawings. acceptance.
3: It is required to continuously produce 2,000 products per set of stamping presses. The size of each product is in accordance with the requirements of the drawing surface. There is no breakage in the mold during production, the blanking is smooth, and the workers are easy to operate. This confirms that the mold is a qualified mold. Acceptance passed.
4: After acceptance by Kangding, the designer needs to provide training and guidance to Kangding's production workers for the operation requirements of the mold, and the skilled worker can complete the operation.
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