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At Kangding, our focus is to provide you with OEM rapid prototyping and small batch production of various metal fittings services. Our international senior engineers and technical team are dedicated to using the most advanced processing equipment and technologies to manufacture custom metal parts.including multi-axis CNC machining and stamping, sheet metal forming, milling, mold design, stainless steel machining, and  aluminum machining. We can quickly and accurately turn your ideas into products at a reasonable price.

Professional processing: metal parts, precision machinery parts, medical equipment accessories, toy metal parts, auto parts, marine hardware, shafts, chassis, terminals, shrapnel, aluminum housing, electronic hardware, electrical appliances, power tool parts, aluminum alloy hand boards and Tooling fixtures, etc.

Machinable materials: stainless steel, aluminum, low carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum alloy, Teflon, POM rods and other metals and plastics. Integrate various types of raw materials processing: forging, casting, dewaxing, die-casting, powder metallurgy, and extrusion profiles. Such as AL6061/7075, SUS303/304, ESD225/420, DERLIN, S136H, SS440C, 17-4PH, SKD61, POM race steel, engineering plastics PEEK etc.

In addition, we can also provide customers with some special metal processing, surface treatment: finishing, precision EDM shaped processing, carburizing, nitriding, vacuum heat treatment, ultra-low temperature treatment, hard oxidation of aluminum parts, steel blue, stainless steel galvanized, Electrolytic polishing, electroless nickel, gold plating, silver plating, etc.

One-stop service for customers to solve production, processing and quality inspection requirements of high-precision products.The company has strong fixed assets, professional technical personnel, a complete quality control system, and timely delivery capabilities, is your best partner.

Kangding Hardware is a precision metal processing factory integrating design, manufacturing, assembly and sales services. It has first-class mechanical processing equipment such as high-speed precision CNC machining centers (DMG / Haas / Gamma HL-600 / TAC / /KINGSTRONG / POTENZA) CNC lathes, digital milling, grinding, wire cutting, punching, etc., high-precision metal stamping (punching accuracy of plus or minus 0.01MM, punch speed SPM1500). A number of advanced inspection equipment, such as microscopes, projectors, hardness testers, Swiss altimeters, etc.

Experienced senior engineers and high-quality quality inspection teams have provided quality assurance for our products. Currently, they are the first-tier suppliers of Nokia, Huawei, ZTE and other communications industries; The company has passed TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14000 management system certification, various types of products are exported to the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Finland, Germany, India, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Russia and other countries, has gained the popularity of customers Accredited. We warmly welcome customers to call us for consultation, we will work together with you to win!

The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "Sincerity-oriented, customer-oriented". Active customers good products, pre-sales technical support, quality after-sales service! Winning customer acclaim!
 Superb technology, high quality, excellent service, leading the industry…




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