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CNC machining of Aluminum Box for Reducer

CNC machining of aluminum box for reducer
Provide precision aluminum alloy box CNC processing equipment, including support table and fixtures. A support frame is fixedly connected to the bottom of the support table. A rotating block is provided at the axis center of the surface of the support table, and a cleaning device is provided on one side of the surface of the support table. The surface of the rotating block is fixedly connected to a work table, and a lifting device is provided at the surface axis of the work table. By setting up a fixing device, when the aluminum alloy box body to be processed is placed on the lifting device, the height is adjusted according to the size of the aluminum alloy box body through the ascending key and the descending key. At this time, turn the rotating handles of the four fixing devices to drive the telescopic rod to rotate, so that the aluminum alloy box body is in a completely fixed state. Most of the existing aluminum alloy box processing devices have simple structures and poor stability, resulting in low processing accuracy. The application of this device avoids the above problems and effectively improves the stability of the device.

Small 90 degree right angle commutator, micro spiral bevel gear box, micro spiral bevel gear commutator. It can replace spiral bevel gearboxes or right-angle commutators from imported brands such as Germany, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Passed EU CE certification. Commutator aluminum boxes are used in food machinery, chemical machinery, woodworking machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, agricultural machinery, textile equipment, smelting equipment, medical equipment, etc. It is an ideal product for the purpose of changing transmission direction, torque and power through vertical installation. The small 90-degree right-angle commutator has excellent performance, light weight, small size, heavy load capacity and sturdy shell. The materials usually include castings, aluminum alloys and 304 stainless steel and 316 materials, which are used for small 90-degree right-angle power transmission. It is mainly composed of a box body, a horizontal axis seat, a horizontal axis, a longitudinal axis, a horizontal axis bevel gear, a longitudinal axis bevel gear, an end cover, a bearing, an oil seal, an oil mark, etc. The small 90-degree right-angle commutator can adapt to installation in different orientations. Their versatility, low backlash and low transmission errors are proven on the market. The design also includes ball bearings for low-noise operation and tapered roller bearings for higher radial load carrying capacity. If the input shaft and output shaft need to be made of stainless steel 304 or 316, please indicate it when ordering.
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