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CNC machining of Aluminum Parts

CNC machining and surface finishing of aluminum parts
The key to CNC machining of aluminum parts is ultra-high precision milling, mirror cutting and grinding. CNC machined aluminum undergoes meticulous grinding on ultra-high precision machine tools (milling machines). Micro-milling with its polycrystalline diamond turning tool. The drilling thickness is only up to 1m. Commonly used in the production and processing of aluminum alloy raw materials such as curved surfaces, aspheric surfaces, and flat reflective lenses, such as high-precision parts with smooth surface aspect ratios.

The aspheric reflective lens with a diameter of 800m used in the production and processing of nuclear fusion aluminum equipment by cnc processing has a precision of 0.1um and a roughness of Rz.05um. When CNC machining precision is based on nanotechnology or even molecular units as the overall goal, drilling production and processing methods can no longer be integrated. Must rely on special processing methods, that is, the use of mechanical energy, photoelectric catalytic energy, energy source or electromagnetic energy. Make this kind of kinetic energy span the bonding energy between atoms, and then remove the adhesion, fusion or lattice number deformation of part of the atoms on the surface of the aluminum part, so as to exceed the purpose of precision machining.

CNC processing of aluminum parts is attributed to this production and processing of mechanical equipment, chemical polishing, ionization centerless inserts and ion implantation, electron beam exposure, particle beam production and processing, metal material electroplating, and molecular structure extension. The characteristic of this method is that the amount of surface chemical substances removed or added can be extremely manipulated. However, to obtain ultra-high-precision production and processing density, it still relies on dense production equipment and precise automatic control systems. The electronic board must use ultra-precision machining equipment with a precision level of ±0.01m.

In terms of processing, most of the time, it is done step by step. For aluminum CNC processing plants, when they are processing aluminum, there will always be various problems, especially sticky knives. To say that the problem of sticking knife is not very important, but it will damage the tool for a long time. The tools in CNC processing plants are very expensive, and long-term wear and tear also cost repair costs, so the production cost will be much higher.

There are some CNC machining manufacturers of aluminum parts that do not pay much attention to the problem of sticking knives. When the production is delayed, it will be anxious. So how should we solve these problems?
This easy sticking of the knife still has a lot to do with the processing material when processing aluminum. The texture of the aluminum material is very soft, and it is easy to stick the knife when it cannot withstand high temperature and other cutting tools. It is related to the cutting fluid applied on the tool. When choosing this lubricant, it must be selected according to the machine tool itself. Choose oily ones, which can have a good lubricating effect, easily dissolve into water, and have good cooling properties, which can effectively solve the problem of sticking to the knife.

When CNC machining pure aluminum, it is always necessary to choose a special tool, and the cutting method should be specially designed when programming. Generally, a helix angle of 45 degrees or 55 degrees is used. Cutting at this angle can alleviate the problem of sticking knives.

The operating speed of the machine needs to be controlled, especially when we choose a low speed, we can choose cutting fluid to avoid sticking the knife. For pure aluminum with soft texture, use a high-speed knife and use some lubricating oil to operate.
In CNC processing plants, it is inevitable that various problems will occur. Therefore, experienced processing masters are necessary for a good processing plant and are the main condition for winning the trust of customers.
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