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AFM techniques suitable for precision-ground injection nozzle

Abrasive flow technology grinding nozzle
In China, the hole processing of the nozzle of the diesel engine oil pump is mostly EDM (Electrical Discharge) technology.
Nowadays, the superiority of micro-hole processing of abrasive flow has been recognized. Micro-hole abrasive flow processing can improve fuel atomization, improve engine performance, horsepower, and reduce loss, and will be widely used.

The abrasive flow is used to machine single or complete sets of nozzles within ±1% of specific tolerances. The microporous abrasive flow processed nozzles are smoother (better surface quality) than standard EDM machining holes. The flow coefficient is higher (up to 0.8 compared to the original EDM 0.6). The nozzle chamfer is very good. Conducive to speed up fuel flow, sharp hole outlets help fuel atomization and distribution.

US EXTRUDE offers two basic types of microporous abrasive flow machine. Microporous abrasive flow (high viscosity) and microporous abrasive flow (low viscosity).

High viscosity processing
The amount of high viscosity abrasive was forced through the nozzle opening and then tested for flow. This process is repeated until a predetermined flow rate is reached. With the accumulation of processing experience for specific workpieces, repeated testing of high viscosity processing will be reduced and optimized.

Low viscosity abrasive processing
Low viscosity abrasive machines achieve a set flow rate during each process. The low viscosity abrasive is forced through the flow nozzle until it reaches the same flow rate as a particular type of diesel engine. When the set flow rate is reached, the precision sensor and measurement system will abort the machining process. This is a complete iterative process.
Since the complete set of injectors produced today can achieve a pre-set flow rate of ±1%, just like the complete set of injectors produced five years ago, the same effect can be achieved with both machine tools.

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