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CNC Lathe Processing Operation

CNC Lathe Processing
Develop an industry, love an industry, drill an industry, a fine industry, This is the professional concept of Dongguan Yongding Metal Technology Co., Ltd. CNC squad leader Meng Yongjun. 19 years of work, he insisted on a full attendance, for many years to abandon sabbatical, thought and energy are used in the work. Obtained the honorary title of excellent technical worker of Guangdong Provincial Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense, and technical expert of Dongguan City.

CNC lathes are at the forefront of the front lines of production, with heavy work tasks and low manpower. Meng Yongjun has been a squad leader since 2008 and boldly focused on management, diligently studying business, studying and researching CNC programming and operations, and mastering knowledge of various CNC operating systems. Closely centering on economic efficiency, production quality and efficiency, continuously improving CNC machining methods, numerical control programs and production processes, and rationally arranging production. Over many years of continuous completion of the company's production goals and tasks.

Iron first needs to be hard.
Meng Yongjun is familiar with milling, grinding, drilling, and wire cutting and other types of work, so that he is versatile and talented. He has established a good image of his business in the minds of employees. He self-manufactured various kinds of fixtures, measuring tools and tools, improved the processing accuracy and efficiency, participated in technical research, quality control team, creative studios and other activities. Actively cooperate with the workshop to solve the major problems in production, and always put production in the first place.

Meng Yongjun assisted technicians to improve the processing technology of many kinds of parts and combined unnecessary trivial processes into one process, which not only saves processing time but also improves quality. The hydraulic chuck of the CNC lathe originally had a smaller processing range. After he improved the hydraulic jaws, it can clamp workpieces as small as 10mm and as large as 550mm, and the positioning accuracy is less than 0.02mm, Satisfy the production needs of various parts of the workshop, large and small.

When customizing the ring parts installed on the 622 diesel high-pressure pump, In order to overcome the 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm elliptical problem of thin-walled parts. Meng Yongjun continuously improved the process through several experiments, produced two sets of tooling, and selected the best processing method from the five prepared processing plans. Overcoming the problem of deformation in the machining of thin-walled parts, and finally making the product quality completely controllable, the φ125f7 outer circle φ115H8 inner hole is in 100% qualified state.

As a technical leader of the company, in the face of the young workers who have just joined the work, Meng Yongjun unhesitatingly imparts to them the hard-to-learn experience and knowledge, and his words, deeds, and teachings do a good job of “transmitting, helping, and bringing”. He summed up his skills in work skills for nearly 30 years, summed it up into teaching materials and computer courseware, used his spare time, taught them to young employees in various forms, and helped young employees to quickly complete their positions. Hard work pays off, and his disciples participated in technology competitions organized by provinces, cities, or companies and achieved excellent results, greatly encouraging young employees to learn knowledge and skills.

Ordinary posts, extraordinary value. Meng Yongjun knows that the work is not the best, only better. He is silently working in a tense and busy position, only for his beloved cause in his heart.
CNC lathe originally had a smaller processing range

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