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The Specifications of Wire Thread Inserts and 6 Advantages

The wire threaded sleeve is a new type of threaded fastener, which is divided into two types: ordinary steel threaded screw sleeve and locking type steel threaded screw sleeve. It is a spring-like internal and external thread concentric body precisely machined from high-precision diamond-shaped stainless steel wire.

Wire Thread Inserts

The locking type is to add one or several turns of the locking ring on the basis of the ordinary type.

The wire thread insert is embedded in the threaded hole of low-strength engineering materials such as aluminum, magnesium alloy, cast iron, glass steel, and plastic. It can form standard M, MJ thread with high joint strength, shock resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance. It can disperse the stress to protect the base thread and greatly extend the service life of the base.

In addition, the wire thread insert can also be used as a repairing means when the thread on the original substrate is tripped or chaotic, without causing the entire substrate to be scrapped, and the maintenance is convenient, rapid and economical.
Wire thread inserts have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, machinery (textile components, pumps, diesel engines, etc.), locomotives, automobiles, instruments, molds, construction (plastic steel doors and windows), furniture and other fields.
The specific functions of the wire screw can be divided into:
Increase the connection strength: It can be used in soft low-strength alloy materials such as aluminum and magnesium. Wood, plastic, rubber and other easily deformed low-strength materials to avoid slipping, wire removal, and wrong teeth.
Increase the force receiving surface: It can be used for thin body parts that require strong connections without increasing the diameter of the tapped holes.
Improve connection conditions: It can be used for the fastening of hard, brittle and fragile materials such as ceramics, bakelite, and glass. Effectively prevent fragmentation.
Wear-resistant: It can be used in parts that are frequently disassembled and installed, and screw holes that are often rotated to extend their service life.

The wire screw sleeve installation method is as follows:
1. Drilling

Choose the right bit to drill, the drilling depth is greater than the installation length of the screw sleeve, pay attention not to drill the hole into a cone, chips do not fall into areas that may cause damage.

2, tapping
Tapping with special taps for wire screws.
The length of the tapping, the blind hole must exceed the installation length of the wire screw sleeve;
All tapping must be done through hole.
After tapping, the threaded holes should be cleaned (The wire that taps the tap tap does not need to be cleaned).
 When the thread precision is high, the special plug gauge for the wire screw sleeve is used for inspection.

3, screw into the wire screw sleeve
The wire screw sleeve is placed in the installation wrench, so that the wire screw sleeve mounting handle is embedded in the groove of the end of the mandrel, and the handle of the wrench is turned to make the wire screw sleeve enter the guiding thread of the front end of the wrench sleeve. Therefore, the outer diameter of the steel wire thread sleeve under torsion becomes smaller, and it is rotated to the thread hole of tapping the thread with the special tap of the steel wire thread sleeve at the same time as the front end of the spanner barrel. Continue to turn the wrench handle in the direction of the thread until the wire screw is screwed into the threaded hole in the base.
    Note that do not use axial force during the entire rotation process.

4, Punching wire screw sleeve mounting handle
Use a punch to align the mounting handle and punch it with a 200g hoe to break the wire screw sleeve.

5, Remove the wire thread insert
When the steel thread sleeve is installed in the process of error or after the installation of the steel thread sleeve found that the thread hole is not qualified, as well as the previous installation of the steel wire thread sleeve because of the use of too long time caused wear and elasticity decline. In order to affect the normal use of the thread, it is necessary to remove the wire screw sleeve with the ejector.

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