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Machining and Working Principle of Precision Micro Stainless Steel and Titanium Alloy Hollow Cone Nozzle

The spray form of the stainless steel hollow cone nozzle is a conical hollow ring shape, and the atomization particle size is small and is not easy to block; The spray angle is generally 40 to 90 degrees, and the hollow cone nozzle has no fluid, which can achieve the same spray effect under unequal pressure. This design feature is widely used in large flow hollow cone nozzles and spiral hollow cone nozzles.

Stainless steel nozzle processing

The stainless steel hollow cone nozzle is characterized by a high impact liquid column or fan spray with a jet angle of 0°-110°. The spray produced by the nozzle is uniform and the droplet size is small to medium. When a plurality of nozzles are required to produce overlapping spray, a characteristic thinning spray edge causes uniform distribution of the spray area.

Stainless steel hollow cone nozzle application field:  
Exhaust gas desulfurization and dust removal, exhaust gas washing, gas cooling, washing and bleaching process, product decontamination, dust control, air humidification, chemical treatment, starch spray flue gas washing, chemical treatment, cooling tower cooling, packed tower spray, etc.

Hollow cone nozzle application works:
The spray pattern is hollow cone, the spray area is ring-shaped, and there are two spray angle series, the standard angle is 70°-90°.
The hollow cone nozzle is entirely made of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide material (stainless steel, titanium alloy).
Suitable for harsh working environments, this type of nozzle produces a uniform distribution of droplets of medium to large volume at a wide range of flow rates and pressures.

Hollow cone nozzles are available in sizes of 2, 3, 4 and 6 inches. The large flow nozzle has a large, smooth flow path that substantially eliminates clogging.
Titanium alloy nozzle processing
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