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Processing precision stainless steel high pressure nozzle, high pressure sector nozzle, MEG high pressure nozzle

Stainless steel high pressure nozzles, high pressure sector nozzles, MEG high pressure nozzles have the following product characteristics:
1, stainless steel high pressure fan-shaped nozzle, with the regulator, which can be inlaid with tungsten core. The high-pressure fan-shaped spray nozzle is characterized by a high-impact liquid column or fan-shaped spray shape with a jet angle of 0 to 65 degrees.

2. The liquid mist sprayed by the cleaning nozzle is evenly distributed, and the droplet size is medium. The orifice is made by a fine process to precisely control the flow rate. The groove on the nozzle is designed to prevent damage to the nozzle

3. The cleaning nozzle has an internal guide vane (also known as a flow stabilizer) that stabilizes the liquid vortex to produce maximum jet integrity and impact. The platform with a milling edge of the nozzle is parallel to the spray plane, providing a visual reference for fast alignment of the spray position.

4. The MEG-SSTC nozzle has the same performance as a standard MEG nozzle with a tungsten carbide inlay for optimum wear resistance. MEF type NPT or BSPT (outer) nozzles have a hardened stainless steel construction with long wear life and accurate flow control. Designed for pressure rinsing applications. The MEF nozzle produces a bubbled 40° fan spray at low pressure. Produces a high impact 40° fan spray at the high pressure with the same standard MEG nozzle.
stainless steel high pressure nozzle

Jet angle (3 bar)
Traffic code
Nogil metal MEG high pressure sector nozzle
Nozzle model / inlet connection size
NPT or BSPT (Nozzle brand) equivalent orifice diameter

1997-1/8MEG-0002, 1997-1/8MEG-0003, 1997-1/8MEG-0004, 1997-1/8MEG-00045, 1997-1/8MEG-0005,
1997-1/8MEG-00055, 1997-1/8MEG-0006, 1997-1/8MEG-00065, 1997-1/8MEG-0007, 1997-1/8MEG-00075,
1997-1/8MEG-0008, 1997-1/8MEG-00085, 1997-1/8MEG-0009, 1997-1/8MEG-00095, 1997-1/8MEG-0010,
1997-1/8MEG-0011, 1997-1/8MEG-00100, 1997-1/8MEG-0012, 1997-1/8MEG-00125, 1997-1/8MEG-0013,
1997-1/8MEG-0014, 1997-1/8MEG-0000, 1997-1/8MEG-0016, 1997-1/8MEG-0018, 1997-1/8MEG-0020,
1997-1/8MEG-0025, 1997-1/8MEG-0030, 1997-1/8MEG-0035, 1997-1/8MEG-0040, 1997-1/8MEG-0050,
1997-1/8MEG-0060, 1997-1/8MEG-0070, 1997-1/8MEG-0080, 1997-1/8MEG-0090,
1997-1/4MEG-0002, 1997-1/4MEG-0003, 1997-1/4MEG-0004, 1997-1/4MEG-00045, 1997-1/4MEG-0005,
1997-1/4MEG-00055, 1997-1/4MEG-0006, 1997-1/4MEG-00065, 1997-1/4MEG-0007, 1997-1/4MEG-00075,
1997-1/4MEG-0008, 1997-1/4MEG-00085, 1997-1/4MEG-0009, 1997-1/4MEG-00095, 1997-1/4MEG-0010,
1997-1/4MEG-0011, 1997-1/4MEG-00100, 1997-1/4MEG-0012, 1997-1/4MEG-00125, 1997-1/4MEG-0013,
1997-1/4MEG-0014, 1997-1/4MEG-0000, 1997-1/4MEG-0016, 1997-1/4MEG-0018, 1997-1/4MEG-0020,
1997-1/4MEG-0025, 1997-1/4MEG-0030, 1997-1/4MEG-0035, 1997-1/4MEG-0040, 1997-1/4MEG-0050,
1997-1/4MEG-0060, 1997-1/4MEG-0070, 1997-1/4MEG-0080, 1997-1/4MEG-0090,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0002, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0003, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0004, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-00045,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0005, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-00055, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0006, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-00065,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0007, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-00075, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0008, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-00085,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0009, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-00095, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0010, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0011,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-00100, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0012, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-00125, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0013,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0014, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0000, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0016, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0018,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0020, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0025, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0030, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0035,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0040, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0050, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0060, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0070,
1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0080, 1997-1/4MEG-SSTC-0090,
1997-1/8WEG-0002, 1997-1/8WEG-0003, 1997-1/8WEG-0004, 1997-1/8WEG-00045, 1997-1/8WEG-0005,
1997-1/8WEG-00055, 1997-1/8WEG-0006, 1997-1/8WEG-00065, 1997-1/8WEG-0007, 1997-1/8WEG-00075,
1997-1/8WEG-0008, 1997-1/8WEG-00085, 1997-1/8WEG-0009, 1997-1/8WEG-00095, 1997-1/8WEG-0010,
1997-1/8WEG-0011, 1997-1/8WEG-00100, 1997-1/8WEG-0012, 1997-1/8WEG-00125, 1997-1/8WEG-0013,
1997-1/8WEG-0014, 1997-1/8WEG-0000, 1997-1/8WEG-0016, 1997-1/8WEG-0018, 1997-1/8WEG-0020,
1997-1/8WEG-0025, 1997-1/8WEG-0030, 1997-1/8WEG-0035, 1997-1/8WEG-0040, 1997-1/8WEG-0050,
1997-1/8WEG-0060, 1997-1/8WEG-0070, 1997-1/8WEG-0080, 1997-1/8WEG-0090

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