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How to reduce the problem of uneven metal stamping parts?

How to reduce the bump of metal stamping parts? The cause of the unevenness of the metal stamping parts is mostly caused by dust or iron filings attached to the raw material or the appearance of the mold. It makes the appearance of the product poor, but also greatly reduces productivity. So how can we avoid this kind of problem? The following five methods to reduce the bumps of metal stamping parts are summarized in practice.

Precision stamping parts after improving the unevenness of stamping parts

5 ways to reduce the unevenness of stamping parts:

1. Inspection and correction of drawing die:
The drawing die needs regular inspection and maintenance to reduce the occurrence of bumps and maintain a stable state. The common practice is to use a sample to check the adhesion scratches and machined surfaces of the blank holder (die fillet, punch fillet).

2. Inspection and correction of shear mode:
The reason for the convexity and concavity after the shearing process is due to the iron powder generated during the shearing process. Therefore, the iron powder must be observed before pressing to avoid the occurrence of convexities and depressions.

3. Adjust the punching speed of the robot appropriately:
For semi-automatic drawing die production, when the drawing die is in the lower die position, and the manipulator is fast, the burr will fall on the upper part of the die, causing convexity and depression. To avoid this problem, we can do the material discharge test before production, and set the speed and angle of the robot reasonably so that it will not touch the product and the lower mold.

4, check the press cut surface:
When cutting the coil, the wear and tear of the cutting die will cause a lot of tiny iron powder to adhere to the cutting edge. Therefore, before the stamping production, the double cut surface must be inspected in the material area or the stamping line, and the sheet should be cleaned in time to remove burrs.

5. Inspection of sheet metal cleaning device:
Before stamping production, it is necessary to check and modify the cleaning mold at the same time, so that it may be possible to clean the sheet more effectively. This is also needed, and the quality of the roll gap and cleaning oil must be paid attention to. The detailed method is to apply red paint to a steel plate and then clean the mold. At present, the shape of the cause of the red paint being withdrawn is checked. If the removal rate is not up to standard, the mold must be checked and repaired. When the cleaning oil is lacking, it must be added in time.

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