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What issues should be paid attention to in the process of planning and designing metal stamping molds?

What should be paid attention to when planning the process of metal stamping dies? In recent years, metal stamping dies have been gradually developed from the original single punch blanking and single punching dies to blanking, punching composite dies, and multiple stations. As a result of the research and development of the standard parts of the metal stamping mold base, the structure of the mold planning has gradually enriched, and the accuracy has been continuously improved. With the gradually developed heat treatment skills and increasingly perfect detection methods, the service life of metal stamping dies has been significantly improved.

Due to successive use of machine tools such as forming grinding, electric pulse and wire cutting machines. The mold material uses hard alloy, and the manufacturing process is deeper and deeper. In improving the process of planning metal stamping dies, special attention should be paid to the following aspects:

1. It should be relatively complete in collecting planning data and planning depth for the improvement of metal stamping dies. Accurate grasp of the adaptability of metal stamping dies and equipment.

2, in the improvement of metal stamping die planning process. It is mainly the difficulty of metal stamping on qualified raw materials. The improvement of metal stamping molds in planning and processing technology should be in-depth understanding of the functional characteristics and processing accuracy of the raw materials. The improvement process is in line with the conditions of metal stamping, and the metal stamping dies provided are more technical.

3. In terms of the improvement of the metal stamping die planning plan, the metal stamping die should strictly implement the sequence of steps of the basic process. Accurate combination and harmonious detailed process, comprehensive analysis of process progress, accurate budget cost and metal stamping die size, structure and type.

4. In the calculation of the improvement of the metal stamping die planning process, the accuracy of the process improvement should be strictly controlled. For accurate calculation of raw material materials, layout calculation, forming analysis, equipment acceptance, metal stamping pressure and internal voids of parts and other parameters.

5, in the improvement of metal stamping die planning drawings. The precision of drawings is constantly improved, and the details are strictly controlled to ensure that the metal stamping dies achieve higher accuracy.
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