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China's Stamping And Sheet Metal Industry Automation Development Trend

China's Stamping And Sheet Metal Industry Automation Development Trend

In the past few years, China's enterprises engaged in stamping and sheet metal automation, including robots, have stood out in the manufacturing downturn. This process has been increasingly recognized by the local enterprises of China's sheet metal. Now even in underdeveloped provinces, bosses of stamped sheet metal companies have begun to implement simple automation and reduce manual operations. In the developed regions of East China and South China, there have been many successful cases of automated workshops, automated factories, and information construction. In particular, the OEMs of automobiles, home appliances, and electronics are far ahead, and these successful experiences are now flowing to the parts and components industry.
The development of informatization and artificial intelligence will cause many people who originally need experience and knowledge to face unemployment. Such as financial analysts, doctors, accountants, bending workers, welding workers and so on.
In the future automation and information-based factories, employees who are proficient in hardware and software will be the core. Both business owners and employees should take precautions.

Another obvious trend in China in 2017 is that,The purely imported equipment encountered the strong challenge of domestic equipment. The foreign-funded enterprises that have already been localized have also enjoyed the 2017 dividend because of their lower costs.
The Chinese sheet metal industry grew by 50% year-on-year in 2017, but it was only about 60% of the highest level in history, and it still belongs to recovery growth. In 2018, this trend should continue to be maintained, but it is difficult to return to the best year. Forging, stamping, and sheet metal production companies supporting construction machinery must consider a part of the transfer of production capacity.
Rural household gas or electric heating stoves will increase substantially. Since 2018, forging, stamping, and sheet metal production companies in this industry have growth potential, and they will also pull demand for pipes, fittings and valves.
The increase in environmental protection supervision will allow most of the small, micro-forging, stamping and sheet metal production enterprises to automatically withdraw from the market. The withdrawal has only been a matter of time. In 2018 there will be reorganization of corporate capital, and the fact that small and micro enterprises will move closer to enterprises with a certain scale will occur.
Solar energy utilization is still a market to be promoted and applied, although it will not return to the highest growth year. However, in 2018, it will develop steadily. Adapting to the use of solar power or heating equipment by households and farmers, it is still a small growth market. The stamping and sheet metal production industry should draw some attention.
In 2017, petrochemical-related industries have shown year-on-year growth. The development of 2018 will continue the 2017 trend. In particular, the energy cooperation between China and the United States will bring about a change in China's rural energy consumption. Enterprises supporting petrochemical equipment should be able to feel this change.
Informatization and automation equipment will continue to be in a good upward trend, and the speed of change will change with each passing day. Mobile phones, computers, control equipment, and digital and information-related industries will continue to develop. Therefore, the stamping and sheet metal production industry must closely follow such industry fields and carefully study and track their development direction. One fact that should not be overlooked is that these industries have begun to shift from developed regions to central and western provinces and regions. To serve this industry, there will be "high difficulty" and the need to "innovate".
Machine tool industry continues to improve towards digitization and automation, information technology and the intelligent development. The control system and servo system of the machine tool will have great development. The forging, stamping and sheet metal production enterprises supporting the machine tool should pay attention to the characteristics of its development and change.
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