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2018 Sheet Metal Industry Development Report and Technology

In 2017, the entire sheet metal industry has been in a relatively good upward trend. Passenger vehicles in the automotive industry have grown slightly, and commercial vehicles have achieved significant growth. However, some industries, including the automotive industry, have not reached expectations. Most suppliers and users have already experienced the serious disadvantages of price vicious competition. Some key enterprises have started to rationally deal with prices. In the market segments, peers have begun to communicate and seek differentiated development. This is a relatively obvious change in the sheet metal industry in 2017. In addition, due to the country's substantial adjustments to the steel industry, there has been a significant change in steel prices in 2017, which has brought tremendous pressure on forging, stamping and sheet metal production companies. According to the current situation analysis, this growth trend should slow down, and it will continue in 2018, but there will be no significant fluctuations, depending on the supply and demand of steel.

Status Sheet Metal Industry Analysis report analyzes the key points are:
1) Sheet metal industry life cycle. Through the market growth rate of the sheet metal industry, Demand growth rate, product variety, number of competitors, entry barriers and exit barriers, technological changes, user purchasing behavior, etc., to determine the industry's development stage;
2) The supply and demand balance in the sheet metal industry market.
Through the supply of sheet metal industry, demand status and import and export conditions, in order to grasp the degree of saturation of the industrial market;
3) The competitive landscape of the sheet metal industry.
Through the bargaining power of suppliers in the sheet metal industry, the buyer’s bargaining power, the ability of potential competitors to enter, the ability to substitute goods, an analysis of the current competitiveness of competitors in the industry, master the five forces that determine the level of profit in the industry;
4) Economic operation of the sheet metal industry.
Mainly for data analysis, including the number of competitive enterprises in the sheet metal industry, number of employees, total industrial output value, sales output value, export value, finished goods, sales revenue, total profit, assets, liabilities, industry growth ability, profitability, debt repayment Ability and operational ability.
5) The main players in the sheet metal industry market competition.
Including the company's products, business conditions (BCG), financial status, competitive strategy, market share, competitive (swot analysis) analysis.
6) Analysis of investment, financing and mergers and acquisitions.
Including investment and financing project analysis, mergers and acquisitions analysis, investment areas, investment returns, investment structure.

7) Sheet metal industry marketing.
Including marketing concept, marketing model, marketing strategy, channel structure, product strategy, etc.

Forging, stamping and sheet metal production companies must pay attention to the development of the medical bed industry. It is understood that almost all high-grade beds are imported. With the continued development of the medical system in China, medical equipment and medical devices, including beds, are in great demand. There will be a steady increase in 2018.
According to the analysis of the current situation in the household appliances industry, the use of electric and gas-fired cooking appliances will surely have a significant development. Some rural areas in China will certainly develop electricity, oil and gas as fuel, which is a very huge potential market. It is also a key national strategy for China's expansion of oil and gas imports. In 2018, we should pay attention to this market and make necessary preparations.
Civil aircraft is an area of future development. The state will provide support policies for the production of civil aircraft and parts in the next few years. For this reason, this will be a direction of business opportunities and will develop in 2018.
3D printing (or additive manufacturing) is a new type of industry with rapid development. At present, there are not many companies that can fully market and provide 3D printing equipment. In 2018, the state listed as a support project. The forging, stamping and sheet metal production companies supporting 3D printing equipment should pay special attention to the future development and business opportunities of this industry.
The mobile payment equipment, cash register, industrial surveillance and display equipment, financial equipment, environmental protection equipment (vehicle) and security inspection equipment that are involved in the stamping and sheet metal production industries are still industries that are continuously growing and updated. In the next few years, the supermarket's automatic cash register system will also be a relatively high-speed growth point, which should attract the attention of some companies. In particular, it is necessary to point out that according to the planning of the Ministry of Transport, the automatic check-in and payment of the expressway ports in the coming years, as well as the ETC equipment, and the automatic payment system for parking lots will become new growth points, and should increase in 2018.
Sheet Metal Industry Development Report
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