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CNC lathe Processing 6061 Aluminum Alloy Bar

Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Bar φ25*50MM
Service: CNC lathe processing, roughing, fine turning, grinding
Customer: Huawei Group
Lead Time: 10 days

Product parts following figure:
6061 aluminum alloy parts

1, GSK-980T CNC system requires the preparation of processing procedures. Tool clamping position: Coarse, fine car with No. 1 external turning tool, Use a No. 4 cutting blade for cutting off.

Lathe programming reference
O 1001 ; Explain
N10 G50 X50 Z100 ; Positioning the workpiece coordinate system with tool change points
N20 M3  S560 ; Spindle start
N30 T0101 ; Change No. 1 knife
N40 G0 X25 Z2 ; Rapidly move to the starting point of processing
N50 G71 U0.8 R0.5 ; Perform a cylindrical roughing cycle
N60 G71 P70 Q140 U0.5 W0.2 F100 ; Residual capacity X0.5 Z0.2, feed 100 mm/min
N70 G0 X0 ; Contour processing starting line
N80 G1 Z0 F30 ; Finishing feed 30
N90 G3 X10 Z-5 R5 ;  
N100 G1 Z-15 ;  
N110 X18 W-10 ;  
N120 W-7 ;  
N130 X21 ;  
N140 X23 Z-33 ;  
N150 Z-45 ; Contouring the end of the line
N160 G70 P70 Q140 ; Perform a finishing cycle
N170 G0 X50 Z100 ; Back to the tool change point
N180 T0404 ; Change No. 4 cutting knife
N190 G0 X27 Z-40.1 ; Positioning cutting start point, leaving 0.1mm margin
N200 G1 X12 F15 ;  
N210 G0 X25 ;  
N220 Z-40 ;  
N230 G1 X0 F10 ; Cut off, Feed rate 10mm/min
N240 G0 X50 ;  
N250 Z100 M5 ; Replace tool point, stop spindle
N260 T0100 ; Change back to the benchmark knife
N270 M30 ; End procedure

6061 aluminum alloy electrolytic polishing fluid composition and operating conditions  6061 Aluminum Alloy Electrolytic Polishing

Concentrated phosphoric acid (specific gravity 1.74) 70% (by weight)
YB-66 additive 30% (by weight)
Temperature 55–65°C Best 60°C
Anode current density, DA 2–8 A/dm2 (without stirring)
12–20 A/dm2 (stirring)
Voltage 10–15 volts
Polishing time 3–5 minutes
Cathode Material Lead or Stainless Steel
Cathode area: anode area  2–3:1
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