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Automatic Lathe Processing 6063, 7075 Aluminum Alloy Shell

Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Service: Automatic Lathe Processing, Drills, reamers, taps, screw die and knurlers
Customer: ZTE
Lead Time: 12 days

Product parts following figure:
7075 Aluminum Alloy Shell

Turning control:

Coarse and fine cars use No. 1 external turning tool, The 60° thread knife is mounted on the No. 3 knife position. Cut off the use of No. 4 cutting knife; The tool change point is set at X50, Z100. Please prepare the machining program according to the GSK-980T system requirements.

Programming control
O 1003 ; Description:
N10 G50 X50 Z100 ; Positioning the workpiece coordinate system with tool change points
N20 M3  S560 ; Spindle start
N30 T0101 ; Change No. 1 knife
N40 G0 X25 Z1 ; Rapidly move to the starting point of processing
N50 G71 U0.8 R0.5 ; Perform a cylindrical roughing cycle
N60 G71 P70 Q150 U0.5 W0.2 F100 ; Residual capacity X0.5 Z0.2, feed rate 100 mm/min
N70 G0 X7.8 ; Contouring start line
N80 G1 X11.8 Z-1 F30 ; Turning front 1×45° chamfer
N90 Z-15 ;
N100 X12 ;
N110 X16 Z-27 ; Turning the conical surface
N120 W-8 ;
N130 X18 ;
N140 G2 X24 Z-40 R5.6 ;
Turning concave arc
N150 Z-55 ; Contouring the end of the line
N160 G70 P70 Q140 ; Perform a finishing cycle
N170 G0 X50 Z100 ; Back to the tool change point
N180 T0303 ; Change 3 thread knife
N190 G0 X16 Z3 ; Positioning thread starting point
N200 G92 X11.1 Z-13.5 F1 ; Three knife F1 thread, the first knife 0.7mm
N210 X10.7 ; The second knife 0.4mm
N220 X10.5 ; The third knife 0.2mm
N230 G0 X50 Z100 ;
N240 T0404 ; Change No. 4 cutting knife
N250 G0 X27 Z-40.1 ; Positioning cutting start point, leaving 0.1mm margin
N260 G98 G1 X16 F15 ; Precut a slot
N270 G0 X26 ; Retract
N280 Z-48 ;
N290 G1 X22 Z-50 F10 ; Turning end chamfer, feed rate 10mm/min
N300 X0 ; Cut off
N310 G0 X50 ;
N320 Z100 M5 ; Replace tool point, stop spindle
N330 T0100 ; Change back to the benchmark knife
N340 M30 ; End procedure

Aluminum alloy conventional surface processing treatment:      Plasma enhanced ceramic aluminum profiles

Matte fabric aluminum profiles:
The matte surface aluminum profile avoids the disadvantage that the bright aluminum alloy profile will form light interference under certain conditions in the building decoration. Its surface is as delicate and soft as brocade and is very popular with the market. However, the existing matte material must overcome the non-uniformity of the surface sand grains, and can see the lack of mold pattern.

Multi tone surface treatment aluminum profiles:
At present, the monotonous silver-white and tan color can no longer satisfy the architects' good cooperation with exterior wall decorative tiles and outer wall latex. New stainless steel color, champagne, golden yellow, titanium gold, red series (wine red, maroon, black, purple) plus stained glass can make the decorative effect icing on the cake. These profiles must be chemically or mechanically polished and then re-oxidized for good results.

Electrophoretically painted aluminum profiles:
Electrophoretic paint profiles have a soft, lubricious surface that resists the erosion of cement and mortar acid rain. 90% of aluminum profiles in Japan are electrophoretically painted.

Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum profiles:
Powder electrostatic spray profiles are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance. Resistant acid-base salt mist is much better than oxidation-colored profiles.

Plasma Enhanced Electrochemical Surface Ceramicized Aluminum Profiles:
This type of aluminum profile is the most advanced processing technology in the world today. This aluminum product is of good quality but at a high cost. It has more than 20 shades, Its greatest feature is that it can be coloured like a calico, as required. the aluminum surface is colourful and has excellent decorative effect.

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