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Turning combined machining of shaft parts

Compared with ordinary CNC lathes, the turning turret of the turning center is equipped with a power tool that can rotate the milling cutter, the drill bit and the tap. At the same time, the machine spindle also has a C-axis function that can be accurately indexed by the NC program and interpolated with the X-axis or (and) Z-axis. This 3-axis (X, Z, C) control turning center can be used for turning, milling, drilling, boring and tapping parts under one clamping. It is still the most widely used rotary body composite machining machine in industrial production.

However, regardless of how the single-spindle turning center expands the process range, it is still impossible to solve the problem of secondary processing of the back part of the shaft part under one clamping (ie, machining of the workpiece holding end). This must be done with a twin-spindle turning center. Most of the two spindles of the twin-spindle turning center are arranged opposite each other on the same axis. So that after the main end of the shaft part is machined, the second spindle automatically picks up the workpiece from the spindle to machine the clamping end.

Since the machining task at the clamping end is generally relatively simple, the second spindle is often referred to as a counter-spindle and its power is relatively small.The twin-spindle turning center can be equipped with a tool holder, but most of them are two tool holders to improve machining efficiency and maximize the potential of machine tools. The machine is equipped with opposite main shafts and sub-spindle on the same axis above the bed. Generally, the speed of the double main shaft is 0~4000r/min, and both can be controlled by C axis. The counter-spindle can also be moved in the direction of the axis to pick up the workpiece that has been machined at one end on the spindle. There are ten turrets around the spindle and below the counter-spindle. Each tool position on the turret can be equipped with a power tool with a certain power and speed of 80~8000r/min. The upper tool holder is controlled by 3 axes (X1, Y1, Z1), and the lower tool holder is controlled by 2 axes (X2, Z2).

KangDing provides the Japanese giant TWINSTAR series of turning and milling CNC machine tools. There are 2 models of TWIN STAR LT200-M and TWIN STAR LT300-M. Has the following performance characteristics:
• For the opposite twin spindles, the main and auxiliary spindles have the same power and the same speed. The upper and lower tool holders have the same power and the same capabilities.
• Four-axis simultaneous turning can be done. The main and sub-spindle can synchronously transfer and hold the workpiece without stopping machining. Thereby, all the front and back processing from the blank to the finished product can be completed, the processing tempo of the workpiece is greatly shortened, and the processing time is shortened by about 40%.
• With milling function, the drive power of the rotating tool spindle is 5.5kW.
• Double tool holders are machined using the left and right spindles and the upper and lower composite turrets to integrate machining operations that previously required to be divided into multiple processes. High-precision linear guides are used to maintain stable machining accuracy even after long-term continuous machining.

KangDing's turning compound processing equipment
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