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Ultrasonic vibration milling combined machining: hard and brittle materials (glass, ceramic, carbide, etc.)

Hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, and hard alloys are difficult to process by conventional methods. However, if high-frequency vibration is added during the traditional milling, drilling, and grinding processes, that is, combining ultrasonic technology with cutting technology, the machining efficiency will be significantly improved. DMG's DMS series ultrasonic machining machine in Germany converts the electrical high-frequency signal of the ultrasonic generator into a 20KHz mechanical vibration motion (longitudinal motion) by means of a converter on the spindle. The vibration amplitude is then amplified and controlled by a pressure regulator, and the vibration is transmitted to the milling cutter, drill bit or grinding wheel made of diamond particles by the patented Sauer conical tool holder. The tool is subjected to a continuous tapping of 20,000 times/second on the surface of the workpiece during the machining process, and the surface material of the part is separated into fine particles. Not only is its processing efficiency five times higher than the conventional method, but the surface roughness can also reach Ra < 0.2 μm. DMS series ultrasonic machining machine has two types of 3-axis linkage control and 5-axis linkage control. The spindle speed is 20~6000r/min. The tool magazine and automatic tool changer are also available. Therefore, it becomes a machine tool that has both ultrasonic processing functions and multi-process composite machining such as drilling, milling, and grinding.

Ultrasonic vibration milling composite machining parts
KangDing proporciona el centro de mecanizado de vibración ultrasónica lineal DMG ULTRASONIC20 alemán. Se puede utilizar para el fresado por vibración ultrasónica de todos los materiales de engranajes, acero duro, materiales frágiles, cerámica, vidrio y aleaciones duras.

En el proceso de mecanizado convencional, debido a la brusquedad del cortador, la fuerza de corte aumenta, causando daños profundos a la superficie del material. El procesamiento de materiales superduros o quebradizos ya no es económico: la tecnología de máquina de mecanizado por vibración ultrasónica puede resolver estos problemas.

Its ultra-hard machining and high-speed milling on one machine, unique drive design, X, Y, Z axis are driven by linear motor. All axes are equipped with an absolute measuring system, the best dynamic performance, the highest precision, and a 5-axis machine design with a compact gantry structure. Optional 4th and 5th axes (swinging rotary table). The water-cooled USB40 machining spindle has a maximum speed of 40,000 rpm. The HSK-32S/HSK-32E holders are available with an internal coolant supply (IKZ) and a chip ejector pin. Intelligent Process Algorithms Adaptive Control (ADC) and Acoustic Monitoring (ACC) automatically adjust feeds in real time to maintain a constant cutting speed. Specific performance characteristics:

1. Five-axis precision machine tool for machining all gear materials
2, compact footprint of only 2m2, machine size: width x height: 800x1, 800mm (can pass 80cm standard door)

3. Integrated rotary oscillating table with torque technology (standard 4th / 5th axis), swing range -20°/+120°
4, standard HSK-25 spindle, speed 42,000rpm
5. Insufflation/suction device integrated on the spindle*
6, through the integrated small 4 heavy round material automatic clamping device PH2I4*; Or linear tool magazine PH2I120* (integrated with 12 discs / 80 parts / 120 finished parts memory). Unattended production in a multi-level operation
7. Easy-to-use CNC system Siemens840Dsolutionline
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