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Overview of the characteristics of the planer

Planer, it is a machine tool, and a linear movement, machining operations can be performed. However, due to its low productivity, it is only suitable for single or small batch production. In mass production, milling machines are generally used instead of planers.
Planer can be divided into bull head planer, gantry planer, single arm planer and specialized planer.

1. Single-arm planer
The single-arm planer has a single column and a cantilever, and the table reciprocates longitudinally along the bed rail. It is often used to machine workpieces that have a large width and do not need to be machined over the entire width.

2. Bull head planer
 It is named for the shape of the sliding pillow and the knife holder like a bull's head. The planer is mounted on the turret's tool holder for longitudinal reciprocation and is used to cut a variety of planes and grooves. Suitable for small and medium-sized parts with a length of up to 1000 mm.

The characteristics of the head planer are easy to adjust, but because it is a single-edge cutting, and the cutting speed is low, it does not work during the return stroke, so the production efficiency is low. Suitable for single-piece small batch production. The planing accuracy is generally IT9-IT7, the surface roughness Ra is 6.3-3.2um, and the main parameter of the head planer is the maximum planing length.

3. Frame Planer
The planer is named for its gantry frame structure consisting of a top beam and a column. The workbench carries a linear reciprocating motion through the gantry frame with the workpiece, and is often used to machine large planes (especially long and narrow planes). It is also used to machine grooves or to machine several small and medium parts at the same time. Large gantry planers are often equipped with components such as milling heads and grinding heads, which allow the workpiece to be machined, milled and ground in one installation.

The planer mainly processes large workpieces or processes multiple workpieces at the same time. Compared with the bullhead planer, the structure is large, the structure is complex, and the rigidity is good. From the perspective of machine tool movement, the main motion of the planer is the linear reciprocating motion of the table, and the feed movement is the horizontal or vertical intermittent movement of the planer, which is just opposite to the movement of the planer. The gantry planer is driven by a DC motor and can be steplessly regulated for smooth motion. The planer is mainly used to machine large planes, especially long and narrow planes. Generally, the width of the workpiece can be up to 1 meter and the length is more than 3 meters.
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