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Points for Attention in Programming Ultra-Precision Copper Electrode for CNC Machining

When it comes to ultra-precision electrode processing, many people will say that it is very simple. The machine is bought well, the tool is used correctly, the material is used well, the processing technology is refined, the amount of the lower knife is less, and the feed rate is less..... But in fact, the real ultra-precision electrode processing is definitely not so simple, the requirements are more, and there are more things to be aware of. Let's share some practical analysis of Kangding CNC processing plant: Ultra-precision electrode programming considerations and processing requirements, I hope everyone can like it!
ultra-precision electrode processing

1. Each part of the electrode needs to be completely engraved with the mold number, part number, plate number, gap, position number, and manufacturer.
Example 1:1202B39C51-103A -0.05mm JLS (single small fixture)
Example 2: 1202B39C51-104C -0.05mm E JLS (Big fixture)
2. Electrode copper material must be processed in accordance with the requirements of the list and NC processing program. (Red copper/alloy copper is clearly confirmed, alloy copper is sprayed with blue paint)
3, the processing quantity, version number, red copper / alloy copper confirmation are subject to the processing list.
Electrode NC machining program

4, Each piece of electrode processing must depend on whether more spark space is needed in the program list notes bar provided by the customer. The overall glue position with the "SPI" character on the program sheet requires an additional 0.02/S spark position.

5. The Z axis has no spark position. The requirement of ultra-precision electrodes is that the base plane follow the spark position. The spark level of the datum level is - 0.10/S or - 0.05/S with the spark gap on the processing list. There is no need to add more sparks on the program sheet.

6, the programmer should pay attention to: Each electrode of the ultra-precision electrode requires a three-dimensional measurement. When making the tool path, it is necessary to consider that the processed electrode has no burr or minimum burr and the number of burrs should be accurate. According to the different shapes of each electrode, a reasonable tool should be selected and a deburring tool path should be added when necessary.

7, Each electrode of ultra-precision requires a three-dimensional measurement. The quality needs to be tested with the actual size of the processed 3D drawings, so the programmer needs to place the 3D offset in a "CS" folder for testing according to the spark position of each electrode when it is programmed. And the electrode 3D needs to be marked with a spark. The layer also needs to name the spark position and the original "YS", and the original file must be kept in the file for inspection.

8, The ultra-precision electrode has a dimensional tolerance of 0.01 and 0.02. In order to ensure the tolerance of the tool loss, the flat-bottom knife is placed at 0.007, the round nose knife is placed at 0.008, and the ball cutter is placed at 0.008.
Electrode three-dimensional measurement
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