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How is the micro deep perforated metal piece produced?

How is the micro-perforated hardware produced?
Kang Ding details the continuous die cold extrusion micro deep drilling production method.

How do we punch holes in relatively thin micro perforated metal parts? The hardness of the punch is higher than that of the material.
How do you do micro-perforated metal parts with a hole depth of more than 3 times the hole diameter?
Because the physical law is that the hole depth exceeds 3 times the aperture is very easy to break the punch. Many engineers first produce blanks and then CNC punch holes, which is ok but slow! And it's not easy to locate, if you don't work well, you can make the hole different!
And the smaller the hole, the easier it is to break the knife. If you encounter hundreds of thousands of micro-perforated metal parts per month, there is almost no possibility of mass production. Is there a fast and good way to produce micro-perforated metal parts?

The answer is yes!
Kang Ding invented the continuous die cold extrusion production method, which works by piercing the blank with a thick punch in the initial stage. Then, the cold extrusion of continuous die is used to shrink the hole to the specified diameter.

In this way, the speed of producing micro-perforated metal parts can reach more than 160 per minute, and the product tolerance can be controlled within ±0.02mm, and the efficiency is more than 50 times that of CNC machining.
The production of micro-perforated metal parts is not a simple process, but requires long-term research and development and technical input.
Many of the production details to tie in place in order to produce high-end products, such as: annealing for different materials, lubrication, punch pin surface treatment and so on.
Almost every detail is an engineering discipline, and it is necessary to keep investing in R&D to find the best solution!
Kangding processing metal parts deep micropores
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