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Design of Guide Dust Cover for NC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC flame cutting machine guide dust cover structure design, machine tool guide cover is used to protect the machine tool equipment. He can protect the machine's guide rails, screw rods and other external corrosion and damage.High-precision five-axis machining tools for CNC flame cutting machine guide rails are used to engrave the "Water Margin 108" on the eggs. Obviously it is overkill, but it shows that China's machine tool manufacturers have already competed with international brands. Recently, the 2018 China International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held at the Convention and Exhibition Center. About 20 exhibitors and about 1,000 exhibitors exhibited on the same stage. The flameproof cover of the CNC flame cutting machine was engraved with "108" eggs on the stand, attracting many people to take photos. This was produced by Beijing Jingdiao Group with a five-axis machining tool with stable "0.1μ feed and 1μ cutting" capabilities. “Each egg has a different shape. First we have to use on-line measurements to determine its size and surface, and then intelligently modify the processing scheme to ensure that each egg is carved.” The staff told the reporter that egg carving is only a means of display. The key is to show that the process has "eyes" and "intellectual brain."
He has many kinds. There are: organ shields, steel shields, these two are used on the rails. Screw caps used on the screw include: round, square, polygonal. These kinds of practices are different. Useful steel wire support and sewing. There are also roll-up hoods and armor shields. Organ protective cover features: Its smooth surface, regular shape, beautiful appearance, adds infinite color to the overall shape of the machine tool. Therefore, while providing practical protection for your machine tool, it also adds more visual aesthetics to the machine tool, which increases the overall value of the machine tool. Organ protective cover, also known as leather tiger. External use of nylon cloth in Germany, with PVC plate support, the edge is protected with stainless steel plate. The shroud has the advantages of small compression and long stroke. It is oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, hard-to-collision-free, long-life, sealed, smooth-running, and sturdy and durable for the perfect use of machine tools. The bellows speed can reach 200m/min. Secondly, the rules of shape and appearance are beautiful. It adds luster to the overall shape of the whole machine. While providing practical protection for the whole machine, it also adds more visual aesthetics to the machine tool, and the overall value of the machine tool is obtained. Promote. Steel plate, stainless steel machine tool rail shield, steel telescopic rail shield is the traditional form of machine tool protection. In this field, steel telescopic rail guards are widely used to provide effective protection against the entry of cuttings and other sharp objects. Through certain structural measures and appropriate scraping plates, the penetration of coolant can also be effectively reduced. Steel telescopic rail guards can adapt to the ever-increasing demands of modern machine tools for high technology, correct installation position, high operating speed, etc.
CNC flame cutting machine guide dust cover

CNC flame cutting machine guide dust cover, CNC flame cutting machine guide dust cover design points, CNC flame cutting machine as the current cutting application machine * as the main application classification,In the daily production process, a large amount of cutting metal dust will be caused. The adhesion of dust-like particles to the walking track of the machine tool will largely affect the accuracy of the CNC flame cutting machine.
What is the way to avoid and deal with this industry?
CNC flame cutting machine guide dust cover China Die and Mould Industry Association revealed that at present, China has become a major country in mold production and supply in the world, and the export mold has reached 201 regions. Customs statistics show that in 2017, China's mold exports totaled 5.248 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.96% over the previous year. This can not be separated from the support of the overall solution of the process equipment, including machine tools. The refinement of mold manufacturing, the guarantee of efficiency and quality, and the utilization and efficiency of manufacturing and processing equipment directly determine the competitiveness of mold companies.
First of all, the walking guide of the CNC flame cutting machine can be divided into two categories according to the direction, one of which is the longitudinal walking track, which is the y-axis direction defined in the general system; Followed by the transverse walking track, which is the moving rail of the torch in the frame part, is generally defined as the x axis in the control system. The two-way walking rails are slightly different in the way of dust-proof design, which we will explain separately.
One, CNC flame cutting machine guide dust cover design
1. Design of the dust cover of the x-axis guide rail of the CNC flame cutting machine. Because the beam structure is designed as part of the gantry CNC flame cutting machine structure, the x-axis travel distance is relatively short compared to the long-distance requirement of the longitudinal y-axis travel. At the same time, in order to provide the torch positioning accuracy, it is necessary to add rack and guide rail drive assistance on the cross beam of the rack. Such auxiliary transmission accessories are placed directly above the cutting torch, cutting metal dust will be more attached to it. In this regard, we need to adopt a fully-enclosed dust cover design to reduce the influence of errors. Under normal circumstances, more methods such as organ cover are used for processing.
CNC flame cutting machine guide dust cover design

The y-axis guide rail dust cover design of CNC flame cutting machine, the longitudinal walking distance of the numerical control flame cutting machine can reach more than 40m, and generally it should reach about 10m. This is obviously unrealistic for guide rails designed with an accordion cover design. Considering that the longitudinal travel path of the machine tool is 24kg light rail material, the guide rail dust cover of the CNC flame cutting machine surrounds the market and demand. The exhibition held a series of events, including the 2018 international cooperation and innovation and development conference for the mould industry with the theme of “international” and “innovation”, the “One Belt and One Road” international mold industry forum, and the forum for mold intelligent manufacturing and automation applications.
2018 mold manufacturing equipment to improve quality and efficiency programs to enhance the summit, 2018 Die and Mould Products International Procurement Matchmaking Association, etc., leading the mold industry intelligent, high-end development. The preliminary statistics of the guide hood dust cover of CNC flame cutting machine, The exhibition attracted over 10,000 professional visitors to come to the exhibition, including users from the automotive, auto parts, home appliances, electronics, medical devices, instrumentation and other industries.
The angle of nearly 90° between the vertical plate and the wing plate can reduce the adhesion of cutting metal dust to a certain extent. Therefore, generally, we recommend that the longitudinal walking rack adopts the outside installation design, and the mounting height of the rack should be as close to the upper end of the wing as possible to reduce the possibility of dust adhesion.
Second, CNC flame cutting machine guide dust cover working principle 1. Steel guide shield classification and working principle According to the different protection direction, protective cover is divided into horizontal protective cover and vertical protective cover. Steel rail guards are generally made of 1cr13 to prevent corrosion.
The protective cover is composed of multiple sections of steel plates overlapping each other. Each section has a vertical plate. The vertical plate is provided with a slider or a roller, which can slide on the guide rail. The protective cover can be extended or compressed accordingly.
2. Calculation formula in protective cover design 2.1 Protective cover width calculation formula h1>(5+d)n+15;bc>2(3+d)n+bg+20h1:upper cover width;
n: estimated number of sections; bk: side width of the guard; bk>(bc-bs)/2;
Bc: protective width: d: body material thickness; Bg: machine tool guide width. 2.2 The calculation formula of protective cover length le=(x-15)(n-1)+x+lg; lz=(n-1)15+x+lrle:*stretching amount; lz:*small compression amount; Lg: Auxiliary guide length: x: length of protective cover per section.
Organ dust cover designed so rail
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