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There are two types of NC Machining Automation Production Line

The development direction of machining automation production line is an inevitable choice for the development of China's manufacturing industry, as well as the realization of social and economic science development and the successful completion of a new industrialization road. Compared with the traditional production line, Kangding machining automatic production line has good manufacturing flexibility, high production precision, significant product productivity improvement, low labor intensity and comfortable working conditions. It is easy to realize the characteristics of mass production, and the organic processing automation production line is more popular among enterprises in the manufacturing industry.

In the manufacturing industry, there are many types of machining automation production lines depending on the manufacturing industry and process. For example, automatic mechanical processing production line, automatic assembly production line, automatic spraying production line, automatic welding production line, automatic plating production line and so on. The most typical of these are the following two: The utility model relates to an automatic mechanical processing production line, which is used in the processing industry of mechanical parts. The other is the automatic assembly line, which is used for later assembly production of various products.

These two types of machining automation production lines have different application areas. In the automatic CNC machining production line, it is more suitable for applications where the part design is relatively mature and requires large-scale production, and there are many types of processing steps. The main application areas are milling, drilling and other similar rotary machining operations. In such a scenario, the advantages of the machining automation line can be highlighted. For example: very low labor costs, low manufacturing costs, short manufacturing cycles, and minimal footprint.

The automatic assembly line is mainly engaged in various assembly, testing, labeling, packaging and other processes in the later stage of product manufacturing. Operating objects include a variety of parts, components, and the final completion is finished or semi-finished products. It is mainly used in product manufacturing where the product design is mature, the market demand is huge, and various assembly processes and long-term production are required. Its superiority is that the product performance and quality are stable, the labor required is small, the efficiency is high, the manufacturing cost of the unit price product is greatly reduced, and the occupied space is minimized. Products that are suitable for machining automated assembly lines are usually: Bearings, gear shifters, cigarettes, computer hard drives, computer optical drives, electrical switches, relays, light bulbs, locks, pens, printed circuit boards, small motors, micro pumps, food packaging, etc.

Companies should combine their own production. With the corresponding automatic production line of machining, manual labor is liberated from heavy physical labor, part of mental labor and harsh and dangerous working environment. Moreover, it can expand human organ function, greatly improve labor productivity, and enhance human ability to understand the world and transform the world.
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