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Motor Axial Core Production Technology

Motor Axial Core Production

The iron core is an important part of the motor product, generally made of 0.35mm, 0.5mm thick silicon steel sheet. In all aspects of motor production, core punching production equipment is the key. At present, China's high-speed precision stamping iron chip and iron core automatic riveting, iron core three-row twist stacking riveting, iron core twisting groove and rotary stack riveting, iron core double-turn stack riveting, iron core double row stacking riveting , large outer rotor core with twisted slot stack rivets, semi-circular stator core stack rivets, stator core multiple block stack riveting,
The combination of high-speed precision stamping production technology such as long straight-strip stator core coils and stacking rivets is not inferior to international advanced technology.

Among them, the typical high-speed precision stamping production technology of three cores with twisted groove stacking rivet products is that the iron core material is 50W470 silicon steel sheet with a material thickness of 0.5mm and a material width of 307.5mm.

With the material decoiling device, S-leveling device, Feeding device Material lubrication device, High-speed precision presses, large precision progressive dies, and other integrated high-speed operations, And automatic punching and guiding nail hole, rotor sheet riveting process hole, rotor mark hole, rotor metering hole, rotor slot shape, rotor plate step hole, rotor plate stack rivet point, rotor plate hole, rotor chip blanking Stacking riveting and twisting slots, stator chip notches, stator chip marking holes, stator piece metering holes, stator slot shapes, stator plate stack riveting points, stator piece inner holes, stator pieces blanking stack riveting and other multi-station and multi-process Cross continuous stamping, three sets of stator core iron core products were completed at one time. The thickness of the iron core stacking was 105mm. The outer diameter of the stator iron core was 110.52 mm and the outer diameter was 55.1 0.01/0.02 mm.
The products are produced on large-scale, high-speed precision presses with a capacity of 300 tons. The rush speed changes from 280 to 320 times per minute, and the iron core products are automatically output during the stamping process.
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