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Custom processing ball screw support base

Product Item: Custom processing ball screw support base
Category: Turning Parts
Ball screw use
Bearings are available in a wide variety of products to suit a wide range of applications. Widely used in machine tools, the circulation of balls is cyclic conduit type, circulator type and end cover type. The preloading method includes positioning preloading (double nut mode, position preloading mode) and constant pressure preloading. The appropriate type can be selected according to the purpose. The screw has a precision ball screw with high precision grinding (the accuracy is divided into 6 grades from CO-C7). Cold-rolled ball screw bearings formed by high-precision cold rolling (accuracy is divided into three grades from C7-C10).
In addition, in order to cope with the urgent need for delivery by the user, there are also finished products that have been machined to the shaft end, and semi-finished products and cold-rolled ball screw bearings that can be freely machined to the end of the shaft. As a peripheral component of this bearing, the screw support unit, the nut holder, the lock nut, and the like which are necessary for use have also been standardized, and are available for the user to select.

Ball screw application
Ultra-high DN ball screw: high-speed machine tool, high-speed integrated machining center
End cap ball screw: fast handling system, general industrial machinery, automatic machinery
High-speed ball screw: CNC machinery, precision machine tools, industrial machinery, electronic machinery, high-speed machinery
Precision grinding grade ball screw: CNC machine, precision machine tool, industrial machinery, electronic machinery, conveying machinery, aerospace industry, other antenna actuators, valve switch devices, etc.
Nut Rotary (R1) series ball screw: semiconductor machinery, industrial robot, woodworking machine, laser processing machine, conveying device, etc.
Rolling grade ball screw: low friction, smooth running, fast delivery and low price
Heavy duty ball screw: all-electric injection molding machine, punching machine, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, heavy duty brake, industrial machinery, forging machinery


BF Ball screw support

· - For the outer wheel separation type and the inner wheel rotation.
· - When in use, the ball screw support is used where the inner wheel rotation accuracy is required.


BK Ball screw support


EF Ball screw support


EK Ball screw support


FF Ball screw support


FK Ball screw support

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