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Processing custom precision ball screw nut

Product Item: Processing custom precision ball screw nut
Category: Turning Parts
The history of using a screw to make a transmission is actually not very long. Traditionally, the screw has been poorly positioned and easily damaged. It was not until AD 1898 that the first attempt was made to place steel balls between the nut and the screw to replace the sliding friction with rolling friction to improve the poor positioning and damage. In 1940, the ball screw was placed on the steering device of the car, which was a revolution in the application of the ball screw and gradually replaced the traditional Acme screw (ACME). Until recently, ball screws have become one of the most widely used components in the industry.

Ball screw principle
1. According to the national standard GB/T17587.3-1998 and application examples. The ball screw (which has basically replaced the trapezoidal screw, commonly known as the screw) is used to convert the rotary motion into a linear motion; Or convert the linear motion into the actuator of the rotary motion, and have high transmission efficiency, accurate positioning, and the like.
2. When the ball screw is used as the active body, the nut will be converted into a linear motion according to the rotation angle of the screw according to the lead of the corresponding specification. The passive workpiece can be connected by a nut seat and a nut to achieve a corresponding linear motion.

CSI CSI ball screw nut
• - For the outer wheel separation type and the inner wheel rotation.
• - For use where it is necessary to rotate the inner wheel.
FSS FSS ball screw nut • - Inner and outer wheels are integrated.
• - When installing in one piece, the installation error is small.
• - High precision, high rigidity type for stable rotation accuracy.
FDS FDS ball screw nut • - Customer order type.
• - The shape or size, material, bolts, etc. of the inner and outer wheels. Special order form according to the customer's desired form
FSU FSU ball screw nut Processing custom ball screw nut
Ball screw nut
FDU FDU ball screw nut Processing custom ball screw nut
Ball screw nut
FSV FSV ball screw nut Processing custom ball screw nut
Ball screw nut

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