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China processing ball screw linear bearing supplier

Product Item: China processing ball screw linear bearing supplier
Category: Turning Parts
Ball screw protection precautions
The ball screw pair can be lubricated to improve wear resistance and transmission efficiency. Lubricants are divided into two major categories of lubricants and greases. Oil for lubricating oil, turbine oil No. 90-180 or spindle oil No. 140. The grease can be made of lithium based grease. Grease is added to the housing space of the threaded raceway and the mounting nut, and the lubricating oil is injected into the nut space through the oil hole in the housing.
Ball screw pairs and other rolling friction transmission components can be considered to work with almost no wear as long as abrasive particles and chemically active substances are avoided. However, if dirt falls on the raceway or dirty oil is used, it will not only hinder the normal operation of the ball, but also sharply increase the wear.


The nut pair is usually sealed with a felt ring, and the thickness of the felt ring is 2 to 3 times the pitch. Moreover, the inner hole is formed in the shape of a thread so as to tightly enclose the lead screw and fit into the slot at both ends of the nut or the sleeve. In addition to soft felt, the seal can also be made of oil-resistant rubber or nylon. Since the sealing ring and the lead screw are in direct contact, the dustproof effect is good, but the frictional resistance torque of the ball screw nut pair is also increased. In order to avoid such a frictional resistance torque, a non-contact labyrinth seal made of a harder plastic may be used, and the inner hole is formed in a shape opposite to the screw thread raceway with a certain gap.

For the lead screw exposed to the outside. Generally, a spiral girder, a telescopic sleeve, a tapered sleeve, and a protective cover in the form of a folded plastic or artificial leather are used to prevent dust and abrasive particles from adhering to the surface of the lead screw. Similar to the shields of the guide rails, these ones are attached to the end faces of the ball nuts at one end and to the support seats of the ball screws at the other end. This will be even stronger.

LM-UU LM-UU Linear Bearings           - For the outer wheel separation type and the inner wheel rotation.
     - For use where it is necessary to rotate the inner wheel.
LM-GZ LM-GZ Linear Bearings
LME-UU LME-UU Linear Bearings
LME-GZ LME-GZ Linear Bearings
LM-LUU LM-LUU Linear Bearings
LME-LUU LME-LUU Linear Bearings
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