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Custom processing precision ball screw shaft end

Product Item: Custom processing precision ball screw shaft end
Category: Turning Parts
Ball screw type
There are two common types of circulation: outer loop and inner loop. The ball sometimes comes out of contact with the lead screw during the cycle, called the outer cycle; The ball is always in contact with the lead screw and is called the inner loop. Each cycle of the ball is called a column, and the number of leads included in each ball cycle is called the number of turns. Each nut of the inner-circulating ball screw pair has two columns, three columns, four columns, five columns, and the like, and each column has only one turn; Each column of the outer loop has 1.5 laps, 2.5 laps, and 3.5 laps.

1) Ball wire mold outer loop:
The outer loop is the ball re-entering the loop between the screw nut through the spiral groove on the outer surface of the nut or the cannula after the end of the cycle. The outer circulation ball screw nut pair mainly has end cap type, cannula type and spiral groove type according to the return mode of the ball circulation. Commonly used external circulation type end cap type; intubation type; spiral groove type. In the end cover type, a longitudinal hole is machined on the nut as a return passage of the ball, and a return port of the ball is opened on the cover plate at both ends of the nut, and the ball enters the return pipe to form a circulation. Intubation type, which uses a curved pipe as a return pipe, this structure is technically good, but the radial size is large because the pipe protrudes outside the nut. The spiral groove type is that a spiral groove is milled on the outer circumference of the nut, and the through hole is drilled at both ends of the groove and is tangent to the thread raceway to form a return passage. This structure is smaller than the radial size of the cannula structure, but is more complicated to manufacture. The outer circulation ball screw outer circulation structure and manufacturing process are simple and widely used. The disadvantage is that the raceway joints are difficult to smooth and affect the smoothness of the ball raceways.

2) Ball screw inner loop:
The inner loop uses an inverter to achieve the ball cycle. There are two types of inverters. The cylindrical male key reverser has a cylindrical portion embedded in the nut and a reverse groove 2 at the end. The reverse groove is positioned by the cylindrical outer surface and the round key 1 at its upper end to ensure alignment of the thread raceway. The flat insert invertor, the reverser is a generally round flat key insert, the insert is embedded in the slot of the nut, and the end is provided with a reverse groove 3, which is positioned by the outer contour of the insert. Compared to the two types of inverters, the latter is smaller in size, thereby reducing the radial dimension of the nut and shortening the axial dimension. However, the outer contour of the reverser and the slot size accuracy on the nut are required to be high. The picture shows the end cap cycle for reference only.


BF Ball screw shaft end

     - For the outer wheel separation type and the inner wheel rotation.
     - For use where it is necessary to rotate the inner wheel.



BK Ball screw shaft end


EK Ball screw shaft end

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