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Comparison Of Various Brands Of Electric Unicycle (Segway)

The originator of the smart balance car is Segway (Segway, the first picture below), the two-wheeled guy, its appearance can be said to be Genesis products, invented in 1999! We are all riding bicycles, and this balance car is born on the other side of the ocean! All the balancing vehicles, including electric unicycles, are actually new applications developed using Segway's design principles. Even the electric unicycle programs are derived from the original source of Segway. The predecessor of the unicycle was an SBU, the electric unicycle (the second grid below). The well-known brand that really becomes our seatless pedal is the Solowheel (Soloway, the third grid below). Soloway was actually made by American Chinese, but the American company he registered, so he became a US goods back to China, the price is of course surprisingly high. More than 1,500 yuan is not the price of the average wage earners (but Soloway is also the most standardized internal design and components), As a result, other domestic brands have begun to appear on the market, and the prices are very close to the people.
Some people think that the domestic electric unicycle is called a counterfeit brand, but I don’t think so. Just like Motorola invented the mobile phone, then Apple Samsung is also a fake Motorola?
Mercedes-Benz invented the car, and Ferrari and Rolls-Royce are also anti-Mercedes?
As long as it is a product designed by itself, without stealing the appearance and procedures of the other party, it is not called a counterfeit product.
China manufacturer electric unicycle

1, Let me talk about the Solowheel, the earliest unicycleless wheelbarrow. We must affirm the contribution of solo, it is the first to design a seatless wheel. I admire how the inventor of solo learned how to do it. In the state of no one before, he did not practice halfway and gave up. But the sense of riding solo I believe that most of the riders will not like it, its programming is a bit "stagger forward and back", That is to say, when starting, first bow down, as you run up and then level, as the speed begins to rock, the brakes are also first backwards, and then leveled with the brake progress. If you only ride the solo, you may get used to it, but the riders who turn from other models are very unaccustomed to it. (The more tough the rider of the model, the less used to try SOLO, such as RW, etc.). If you are used to the tough pedals of other models, the pedals will not lower when starting, and the pedals will not sit back when braking. At this time, if you find that the pedal is soft when riding, it will basically be out of balance immediately, and will quickly jump to protect people. And solo is such a "stagger forward and back." The advantage is that it is very "soft", long-distance riding is very comfortable, the disadvantage is that when you really have to lose balance, you have no time to react. (That said, the hard board does not bow the car, when you find that the bow is to pounce, you can take measures to slow down or jump, this is a judgment from 0 to 1, more intuitive; The solo is soft to a certain degree before it is out of balance. This is a judgment from 0-0.5 to 1 and it is rather vague. How can you feel that it is more than 0.49 or less than 0.51? )

By the way, the SOLO2014 conference, this conference can be said to be tall, But all the cars, especially the elves and roaming, are completely new in appearance, and there are no manufacturers designed to catch up with these beautiful models. But the real car I think is not a production car, it is the original old SOLO set of a new shell, because the driving sense and the old solo no difference, At the same time, the processing methods of various parts of the prototype car can be carefully seen, and many traces of manual and CNC machining can be found. At the same time, there are many parts that are not suitable for mass production lines, so, This car is still a long way from the real mass production. SOLO is afraid that everyone will wait too long to lose attention and to activate the market atmosphere. And ORBIT ring track, focus on it, this sample car is fake, has not been made, so the manufacturer marked the highest price in the price list, Means: You are better off thinking so expensive. It is estimated that manufacturers are trying to turn an idea into a patent and occupy the market ahead of time (this is also understandable. It is much better than Apple’s patent stream. Apple is now drawing a sketch with pencil and paper to see if he can achieve it. Register first. Patent again). The bottom of the ORBIT at the scene is a model of wood-painted paint. The circular hollow wheelbarrow is not unusual. As early as last year, I discussed the hollow wheel with some manufacturers, inspired by the non-battery-powered extreme sliding scooter and hot wheels (the full Taobao is the kind of hollow wheel that is smaller than the ring track, the way of the track Almost its enlarged version, so the ring track actually has no deep design), However, the difficulty lies in the fact that if a ring of ring bearings is made of nylon, it may be easy to break. If it is made of metal, it is too heavy. The sealing problem is the most troublesome. It is dangerous to enter the soil or foreign objects. And this ring track says only 4 kilograms, it is because it is just a wooden shell with tires, and the real car does not know when it will be available. Having said that, it is to tell everyone that SOLO's new model needs to wait for some days to improve and mass production. Now, if you want to buy a local electric unicycle, you can consider starting with old or domestic. (Here is a call to SOLO, don't just change the outer shell of the big one, program, put down the body, study the domestic brother's procedures, and change it, but I guess I called the solo and I can't hear it. I don't change it. Anyone thinks Your own child is good)

2. After talking about the famous solo, talk about the two brands with the highest market share in the domestic market: Elvir and IPS.
At the beginning of these two brands, they really took the path of the Solowheel shape. But then it changed, and Elwyr still intentionally or unintentionally imitated the shape of Solowe and even the concept car to learn. IPS has abandoned the imitation of the road and began to design its own design, and we are most happy to see that there are now more brands with more design sense. For example, brands with more powerful performances such as LEGWAY and Rockway have several performances and configurations on the old Solowheel. (I heard that manufacturers such as SOLOWHEEL and IPS/AIR have reached a memorandum of understanding on patent infringement, and may not sue for patent infringement. Just one, it is not allowed to use the solowheel style of silicone, huh, huh, this memo is interesting, you can see that the T260 and X8 are not using the traditional silicone. However, it is also embarrassing to say that the program patent should be segway, and the single-round patent should be sbu. Does the single-wheeled seat have a patent that is solo? We know that the patent for making a rectangular fillet on a mobile phone is Apple's)

3, first talk about the common models of Elway in the market, there are X3 X5 X6 Q3, And the various limited edition music versions derived from these models, X3 is the most common model, and the price is relatively cheap. Many of the other niche brands on the market are now built around the X3's public version of the program and the shell. The X3 features are more balanced. The cruising range is only 18km, and the figure of 18km is the theoretical value that has been moving forward. Just like the fuel consumption written when the car leaves the factory, when you brake or play tricks or poor road conditions, the actual battery life will be lower than this number. Of course, the XV X6 battery life of the Elway series is also the case, so the Elway battery is sold on Taobao. The X3 and X5 and Q3 are 14-inch wheels, and the X6 is a 16-inch wheel. The advantage of 14 is that it is lighter and more portable, and the advantage of 16 is more comfortable, especially the 14 is more than 16 legs, because the shape of the human calf muscle is thinner and thinner.
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