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Application of Titanium External Cooler and Titanium Plate Cooler Products

The external cooler is a device for cooling the mother liquor of ammonium chloride in the crystallizer, and the former external cooler is made of carbon steel. Although the inner tube of external cooler made of carbon steel has been treated with anticorrosion, its service life is only about 4 years because of the strong corrosiveness of ammonium chloride mother liquor. If the quality of the anti-corrosion layer is inferior, the service life is only about one year. After 5 years of operation, no corrosion was observed in the equipment, and only 5 tubes were damaged by the vibration of the separator due to vibration. After five years of operation, no corrosion was found in the equipment, and only five pipes were damaged due to vibration and wear of the partition.  It has been used for 14 years and the estimated service life is up to 30 years. See Table 3 for economic benefits. Titanium external coolers have a higher investment at a time. At that time, 140,000 yuan per ton of titanium pipes, but still earned 10,595 yuan per year. Steel external coolers are frequently repaired and must be equipped with spare equipment to ensure cleaning and overhaul. Therefore, 11 of the 14 external coolers in the plant have used titanium external coolers.
Project Titanium external cooler Steel external cooler
Whole equipment 9.6 million yuan 130,000 yuan
Service life Expected for 30 years 4 years
Annual depreciation 32,000 yuan 32,500 yuan
Annual savings 500 yuan 0
Increase production throughout the year 336.5t ammonium chloride 0
Annual profit 100,095 yuan 0
Annual income 10,595 yuan  

 Titanium external cooler

The ammonia-base heavy alkali workshop will use 13#, 18#, and use the domestic titanium umbrella plate cooler. The heat exchange plates are made of TA2 plates, each with a cooling area of 60 m2. A titanium umbrella plate cooler can replace 1.5 shower cooling pipes with a cooling area of ​​3602. The heat transfer efficiency can be increased by 6 times, and the environmental pollution and equipment corrosion caused by seawater vapor and seawater spraying can be eliminated. The economic benefits are compared in Table 4.

Project Cast iron shower pipe Titanium umbrella cooler
Whole equipment 13 yuan 150,000 yuan
Service life 3 years Expected for 20 years
Annual depreciation 43333 yuan 7500 years
Annual savings 0 35,833 yuan
Whole equipment 7000h 7000h
Annual running time 15755000m3 525000m3
Seawater consumption 0 1050000m3
Saving sea water 0 262500kW·h
Save battery 0 13125 yuan
Saving value 7000h 7000h
Saving value throughout the year   48958 yuan
Titanium plate cooler
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