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Intelligent Drift "Segway" Somatosensory Two-wheel Balance Car China Manufacturer

Product Item: Intelligent Drift "Segway" Somatosensory Two-wheel Balance Car China Manufacturer
Category: Electric scooter
“Segway”  is an impressive driving tool that occupies less than one square meter.
The rider stands on the skateboard like a skateboard, but his hands are free, but he can change the position of the center of gravity only by the movement of the body, and then move forward and backward, turn the brakes and so on.
Traditional vehicles can't move with their heart, and most of their energy must be placed on the direction and speed of control. The "Segway" does not require a special control device, and everything is done by the body itself, which is also the alias of the "balance car".

The Segway thinking car is a new vehicle that has never been seen before, so it is difficult to define its type by traditional classification.
Some people think that should be a two-wheeled Segway version of the unicycle (Unicycle),
Some people think that it should be a kind of power scooter.
But it is a single-axle two-wheel design, which is somewhat different from the traditional two-wheeled two-wheeled scooter.
In some more formal occasions (such as official road regulations), the Segway transport is also known as the "Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device" (EPAMD), commonly known as electric scooter.
The product name "Segway" of the thinking car originated from the English word "Segue", meaning "smoothly walking". Used to describe this kind of vehicle allows people to ride in the city without any obstacles.

Max Climbing Angel About 15°
Applicable terrain Hardened roads, flat dirt roads, ramps up to 15 degrees, Stairs no higher than 1cm,
Channels no more than 3cm wide
Chassis height Ground clearance greater than 80mm
Waterproof level IP54 (life waterproof function)

Battery 30PCS 18650 High Power Lithium Battery Cell
Continuation mileage About 22km
Typical continuous mileage: Under full power, 70kg load, ambient temperature 25°C, measured at 15km/h average speed on a flat road
Charger rated power 70W
Rated input voltage 100-240VAC,50/60Hz
Rated output voltage About 63VDC
Charging time About 4 hours
Smart BMS Overvoltage/undervoltage/short circuit/overheat protection, automatic sleep/wake-up, battery status detected by App
Standard power consumption 100 km power consumption 1.1kW·H
The max speed about 16km/h
Max torque: 35Nm*2
Motor rated power 350W x 2
Motor control mode: Sine wave vector control, current + speed closed-loop control algorithm

Braking & Shock Absorption
Braking distance Dry 3.4 m
Braking method Somatosensory motor energy absorption braking, energy recovery
Shock absorption mechanism High elastic magnesium alloy vibration absorption body + shock pad
Tires 10.5 inch low pressure vacuum rubber tire
Wheel hub 6 inches magnesium light alloy wheels
Lighting system
Each car contains Environmentally sensitive brightness LED headlights
Self-inductive LED tail light / turn signal
Bluetooth indicator
 Battery indicator
smart system
Intelligent adaptive learning algorithm

Automatically optimize parameters such as output power, steering sensitivity and safety protection limit according to the user's weight and driving habits, and gradually adapt to the user's driving style
Mobile APP Dashboard, automatic fault diagnosis, remote control driving, firmware upgrade, personalization settings, etc.
Intelligent security warning Over-load, power overrun, overheating, driving too violent, slippery and other dangerous situations, automatic buzzer alarm, the body reclined to prompt deceleration and check
Novice interactive teaching Interactively assists novices to complete the basic course of safe driving teaching

Riding requirements
Newbie mode After activating the vehicle through the APP, you must manually release the speed limit after riding for 1km
Suitable age 12-50 years old
Applicable height 120-200cm
Max load 85kg
Body size: H 59.5cm*L 54.8* W 26CM

balance car size
Dynamic balance car
"Segway" Somatosensory Two-wheel Balance Car
Intelligent induction balance car
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