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The Common Faults Of CNC Machine Tool Feed Servo

1. Overtravel: Software overtravel and hardware overtravel and emergency stop protection.
2. Overload: When the load of the feed motion is too large, it moves forward and backward frequently. In addition, when the feed lubrication status and the overload detection circuit are poor, it will cause an overload alarm.
3.movement : Movement phenomenon occurs during feeding, and the speed signal is unstable; The speed control signal is unstable or disturbed; Poor terminal contact, response gap, or excessive servo system gain.
4.crawling: Occurs at the start of acceleration or low feed, It is generally caused by factors such as poor lubrication of the feed chain, low gain of the servo system, and excessive applied load.
5. Vibration: Analyze whether the machine vibration cycle is related to the feed speed
6. Servo motor does not turn: In addition to the speed control signal, the CNC system to the feed unit also has an enabling control signal. The enable signal is the precondition of the feed action.
7. Position error:
When the servo motion exceeds the allowable error range, the NC system will generate an excessive position error alarm, including following error, contour error and positioning error. The main reason is that the tolerance range set by the system is too small; the servo system gain is improperly set; the position detection device is polluted; Infeed drive chain cumulative error is too large; When the headstock moves vertically, the balance device is unstable.
8. Drift: When the instruction is zero, the axis is still moving, causing an error, which is eliminated by drift compensation or another speed adjustment on the drive unit.
9. Back to the reference point failure
CNC Machine Tool Feed Servo
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